Ch. Rojon's Bentley V. DayStar
(Ch. CherryHill Sovran V Mariway X Ch. Rojon's Follow Me)

"Bentley" was bred by Craig Heike and Faye Kreuger.  He was owned by Dorothy Walters
(Ken-Dor Great Danes) and myself Michelle Bjorkman.  He was a wonderful dog.  He was magnificent and strong and had a temperament that was fabulous that he passed down to his kids.  His love of showing was deepdown into his heart.  He loved to be in the ring and commanded that you look athim.  He was as gentle as a little puppy with babies and children and loved women.  He is the sire of my Ch. DayStar's Just Call Me Ellen and was used by quite a fewof the Rojon people.  Bentley lived to be almost 11 years old and was one of the healthiest dogs I had the privilege of knowing. 
We had a great time with this wonderful guy and hewill never be forgotten.


DayStar RoyalCrest Isaiah
Isaiah was a wonderful dog.  He was bred by my girlfriend, Jean Watson (RoyalCrest Great Danes) Isaiah is pictured to the left at 7 months old.  He was a very huge boy and topped out at 185 pounds. 
At an age of about 14 months old, Isaiah contracted Blastomycosis and he lost one eye.  He was only at 2 shows before this and so, after almost losing his life to the disease, he was loved to the ripe age of 8 1/2 years old.  This guy was probably one of the sweetest dogs you would ever want to meet.  Everyone that met Isaiah wanted a Great Dane.
We loved this big guy...and his gentleness is what made a true "Gentle Giant".


DayStar-KenDor Master Blend
Maxwell is the son of our Bentley and our Whitney.  He is the father of our Ch. DayStar Key To My Heart - "Styx".  He was a really good boy.  We were happy to have had Maxwell until he was 10 years old.  He had an amazing strong, tight build.  He was a blend of our two dogs, thus his name.
Maxwell, one day, took a look at his girlfriend, Ellen and he was just totally taken by her beauty, so, behind our backs, he and Ellen decided that they new better about starting a family and thus....we ended up being responsible for his decision that was made with Ellen in secret.  Ellen didn't tell us either and then one day, we realized that she wasn't just getting our delight, we were blessed with our precious Tilly, our fabulous Styx and our gorgeous, sweet gentle Ace.
Ch. DayStar Key To My Heart


Styx was out of our Maxwell and our  Ellen "Ch. DayStar's Just Call Me Ellen"
He was a large boned boy and was a very special dog to us.  He was
handled by me in the beginning of his puppyhood.  His first puppy match at 4 months old, he was Best In Working Group Puppy.  His next time in the ring he was Best Puppy at Lake Shore GDC.  His very next time in the ring was the Nationals in Texas in at 7 months old and he was RWD and Best Puppy in 1998,
Breeder - Owner handled by me...what a thrill that was.
We had Styx shown and finished by Mr. John Gerszewski.  He did a
fabulous job with Styx and we had a lot of fun.
Styx was owned by my girlfriend Carrie and Styx was and still is, the
loveof her life...thus his name...Key to her heart.


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