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Welcome to our website.  Our dogs are basically part of our family.  We live with them as part of us and they are house pets.
If you are looking for a Great Dane, remember, they are in the Giant family of dogs and require a strong commitment when you add them to your household.

Just like anything you take on  in your life, adding a dog to your life, takes you being responsible to do what is best for them and know that they are dependent on you for everything they need in their daily lives. 


We do not breed to just make more puppies.  The Great Danes you see here on our website are created to be loved and cared for with everything you have within you and we strive to do the best we can to produce conformationally sound dogs that can bring you many years of enjoyment.

Please browse around our site and look over our dogs, that over they years, we have been privileged to enjoy and love, with the dedication this breed requires.  We breed very sparingly and when we do, we do the best to breed dogs that you would be proud to own. 

Our dogs are for life, so remember, when purchasing from a good show dog breeder, expect to add a dog to your life that will change your heart forever...The Great Dane is unique and special and you will never be the same after owning one and experiencing the love and enjoyment they bring into your life.


The Great Dane is a great dog and you will find that you are the one that gets blessed by living and experiencing one of the "Greatest" breeds of canine in the dog world.

If we can be of any help in helping you attain a puppy from a good reputable breeder that is only breeding to improve the breed and not to be a money making 'business', please feel free to email us and we may be able to help you find that one special puppy.

Click on the bar at the top and bottom of this page and navigate through
our website.  If we can be of any assistance to you in finding that one special puppy
when we don't have a litter,
feel free to email and ask us to help you...
Have a good day and be careful on the internet as you look for
just the right puppy for your family.  There are a lot
of very good breeders but there are some that are producing
only to line the pocket...so, tread carefully through
cyber space when looking for a puppy.  Purchase only
from a professional show person that breeds for improving
the breed and make champions out of what they
produce and share their companions with good
families that want a great puppy.
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