DayStar Great Danes was born out of years and years of loving dogs
and yearning from as little as I can remember, that I wanted to do something
with dogs other than just look in picture books.
Once I got introduced to dog shows as a young child, I spent every
April spending the
whole day at the Collie Specialty in Grayslake Illinois Fairgrounds,
dreaming that one day, I could do this.
My chance to show dogs happened in 1972 when I showed
my first collie I purchased
from a local breeder that ended up being friends and people that just plain loved
that they made me happy with my first life long
fulfilled dream to finally having my collie.

After years of training and being mentored by a very well known Airedale breeder
in my area, Janet Framke Johnson of StoneRidge Airedales, I learned more
ab0ut showing and the in's and 0ut's of the dog show world and having an
opportunity of working with a handler and help groom show dogs...I was on
my way to doing what I had always wanted to do.
With the knowledge I gained, I started grooming full time and got a Soft-Coated
Wheaten Terrier and showed her and her son I bred, but I was still feeling
like I wanted something else.
In 1985, I got my first Great Dane after following the breed at ring-side for
over 2 1/2 years and got to know the people and loved the friendliness of the people
and the breed was becoming the love of my life.
In the 70's, I got my first Airedale and I came up with the Kennel name "DayStar"
from the New Testament and had my first dog with the Kennel Name.

My first Great Dane Was from my girlfriend Wendy B. out of
My-J0n's DayStar Born Again, bred by, Jean Watson of Royal Crest
Great Danes, Faith.... and she was shown to 12 points
and almost finished but she ended up being bred and that is where my
first Dane, DayStar's Amazing Grace took hold of my heart and I was hooked.
Since then, I (we) have, along with my WONDERFUL HUBBY
who supports me and
keeps down the fort at home, produced champions home raised as pets,
first and foremost before they are a show dog.

I give all the Glory to God for my  life and in showing and
it is because of the Blessings
of Jesus Christ in my life that I enjoy the gifts He has bestowed on
me and favored me with in the life long friends I have
come to know and love.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you enjoy our
dogs and if we can be of any help in you fulfilling your life long dream,
don't hesitate to email me and I will help you as best I can to obtain a
loving companion in a Great Dane of your own.

God bless you and may He guide you in all your ways.







1999 to present date
Last Update February 14, 2013
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